Removal of a tissue sample (biopsy) from the prostate gland (prostate stump biopsy)

If there is a suspicion of a malignant change in the prostate, i.e. a prostate carcinoma (e.g. increased PSA value, rising PSA value or palpation findings suspicious of a tumour), a tissue sample is taken from the prostate (prostate stump biopsy) under normal blood clotting and antibiotic protection. The fear that palpation of the prostate or a punch biopsy could trigger an existing cancer or activate a dormant cancer is not correct and has been refuted by studies.
The only essential preparation is the need to completely empty your bowels and to take an antibiotic, starting the day before the biopsy. The antibiotic will be prescribed bay us.

After administration of an antibiotic and after local anaesthesia, the tissue samples are taken almost painlessly with the help of a fine needle, which is usually advanced into the prostate via the rectum. Today, an ultrasound probe is usually used for the targeted removal of a tissue sample under visual control. The tissue obtained is examined by the pathologist and tested for malignant cells. The result is usually available within a week.

Since prostate cancer can grow in several places in the prostate at the same time and be distributed among many smaller nodes, there is a possibility that these small „cancer nests“ will be missed with the needle. It is therefore sometimes necessary to repeat the tissue sampling after a latency period.

The procedure is done on an outpatient basis and takes about ten minutes.