Current developments in the field of health policy make the topic of early medical detection more topical than ever. We offer a wide range of different screening examinations.

Health is a precious commodity that must be preserved. That is why maintaining your health and satisfaction is especially important to us. Regular screening examinations are paid for by the health insurance fund once a year from the age of 45. Unfortunately, the screening examination has remained unchanged for years and only includes a fixed physical examination of the external genitalia, the prostate by palpation via the rectum and, from the age of 50, an annual examination of the stool.
From the age of 50, there is an annual examination of the stool for blood. From the age of 55, patients have the option of only having stool examinations every two years or a colonoscopy once every ten years. According to newer criteria, these examinations are not sufficient to detect malignant diseases of the urinary and genital organs in time. However, in order to detect diseases of the bladder, kidneys, testicles and prostate at an early stage, which can go unnoticed for a long time, modern diagnostic procedures are necessary.
This means that not everything that is medically useful, advisable and desirable can be offered as a health insurance benefit on a chip card under the current legal framework. We offer you these examinations in order to achieve the greatest possible security in preventive medical check-ups. These are individual health services (IGeL), which are billed to you privately according to the German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ).
The statutory health insurance offers extensive protection in the event of illness.

According to § 12 paragraph 1 of the German Social Security Code V, the services provided by the health insurance funds must be „sufficient, appropriate and economical; they must not exceed what is necessary“.

We offer:

  • Extended cancer screening
  • For women: early detection of kidney and bladder cancer
  • For men: early detection of cancer of the kidneys, bladder, prostate and testicles
  • Laboratory services (PSA analysis, checking urine for malignant cells)
  • Fertility check (spermiogram)
  • Outpatient vasectomy (sterilisation) under local or short anaesthetic

If you would like to be reminded about preventive care, please contact us so that we can add you to our reminder file.